Given the pile of documents involved in land transactions, a primary time buyer is probably going to urge overwhelmed. The sheer volume of paperwork and therefore the impediments involved within the process, often shapes it into a tiring and lengthy course. For a potential home buyer or an existing one, the word ‘Khata’ rings a bell and sounds familiar.The latest development in this route is the ‘E-Khata’.

In the land jargon, Khata is actually the account/assessment of a property, which falls within the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike)/BMRDA (Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority) jurisdiction, in regard to taxation. Khata holds relevant information like the owner’s name, area, location, size and built-up area. A khata in bangalore, which is filed online is termed as the e-khata. A khata and PID (Property Identification) number, however, is received once all the government verification on property is completed.

Electronic khata, popularly referred to as E-khata, may be a tool for a plot owner to pay his/her tax in any nationalized bank. To apply for E-khata, the location photo, owner’s photo along side digital signature may be a must. Electronic khata is applicable for brand spanking new plots that fall into the BMRDA jurisdiction. Any individual owner having a legitimate khata, is entitled to E-khata. For unrelated sites, it'll be within the name of the builder, and can be registered in an individual’s name only 40% of the discharge order from the BMRDA is received. Only then can an transfer the khata in E-form.

Understanding the need/benefits of e-Khata
Considering the expansion and expansion of the Bangalore city, the Karnataka Government has laid special emphasis within the process of computerizing land records. Among others, a private filing khata is entitled to urge receipts when required, with the help of the PID (Property Identification) number. Furthermore, updated khata certificates along side extracts can easily be derived from the BBMP kiosks.

In a bid to stop fraudulent activities, the Stamp and Registration department gave a nod to the pc generated khata (Form 9 and Form 11), which is mandatory to submit at the time of registration. With the assistance of the PID number that's generated on computerizing of the records, a land tax owner endowed with the choice to access his/her khata and ante up online.

Issues related with it
With the announcement of E-khata, the registration of properties in gram panchayats, properties on the periphery of Bangalore and other urban sprawls across the State, has hit a dead block. Lack of adequate infrastructure to issue the computerized khata has emerged as the primary hurdle for a large number of panchayats, in regard to registration of properties.

As per market reports, property registrations scaled down by 50%, with the new rule coming into effect. Private developers were unable to register sites that were formed under the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority jurisdiction. Lack of proper infrastructure and user-friendly site has doubled the issues related with the E-Khata registration within the recent times