different insurance policies that protect the losses incurred to your home, its contents and your personal possessions just in case of accidents, thefts or calamity. Since the property area is vast, you want to get into the fine points of each policy aspect to understand whether or not you’re getting the optimum coverage. Listed below are few important questions that if clarified together with your agent, benefits you greatly in getting the simplest deal for your home insurance.

Does my home insurance policy cover the loss occurred due to the tenant’s negligence?

For the owners who give their house on rent, it's important to ask the agent this question. He may suggest you some crucial points of inclusion in your policy which will cover from the damage caused by the negligence of your tenant. It is always better to check it and not assume that it will be included as some insurance companies do not cover the losses arising due to tenants.

Can I avail a reduction on my home insurance?

This is one question which will actually assist you save huge money at the time of taking insurance. In case you have high detectible installed at our property such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, dead bolt locks, laminated glass etc… then you are eligible for discounts on your policy by almost every insurance company.

Does the premium of the policy differ with my location?

Often unnoticed, but the situation of your house can get your premium rate altered. For example, if your residential building is on the brink of the hearth station, the speed will change. Similarly, age, type and construction (brick or frame) of the building also affects the speed of premium for your property. So it’s always good to ask these things in detail.

What are the points or things excluded in my policy?

Your agent are going to be supplying you with overwhelming information about what all things are included within the policy. But it's equally important to ask him to list down exactly what are the exclusions of your policy intimately . For example, acts of war, earthquakes, flood, etc.… are a number of the points that require to be clarified at the time of taking the insurance on whether or not they are included or excluded.

How much premium do you pay?

You should ask your Agent Advisor about the premium you've got to pay. Is the premium a 1 time payment otherwise you will need to renew per annum . The agent should answer all the queries a policyholder may have before he or she actually buys the policy.

The above mentioned are the foremost important questions we tend to forget while buying a home insurance. Other than these, ask what are the optional and extra extend coverage is out there that one can purchase to guard their home ideally from an insurance cover. Make sure you ask them before you go ahead with a home insurance policy as entrusting the responsibility to protect your dream house should be given only in the best hands.