Use of technology in our lifestyle has its own pros and cons. Although these technological innovations are beneficial to mankind to an outsized extent, they're equally harmful too. One such example is the cell phone towers.

Initially, telephone towers were seen in rural areas and barren lands. But thanks to various reasons like lack of availability of land, generation of additional income etc, telephone towers are flourishing on residential properties in India.

We all are aware that cell phones emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which has an adverse effect on human health. Just like the harmful radiations from a telephone , the telephone towers in residential areas even have a negative impact on human life. We might save ourselves from the telephone radiations by using it rarely, but how can we avoid the radiations emitted from telephone towers?

Different instruments emit different kinds of radiations; like RF radiation (radio-frequency radiation), cell phone tower radiation, Wi-Fi radiation, smart meter radiation and so on.

Tips to protect residential units against cell phone tower radiations:

Installation/distance of cell phone towers:

Firstly, if you have decided to get a cell phone tower installed on your residential building, think twice about the consequences. However, protective steps to save lots of yourself from the powerful radiations should be taken which is predicated on the space of the telephone tower from your home. A telephone tower half a mile faraway from your home won't be that harmful. As per studies, telephone towers within a variety of 400 metre cause adverse effects supported the tower’s radiation output. However action should be taken if you'll view the tower antennas from within 500 metres from your home.

Screening your home:

You can shield your home supported the meter readings. Although shielding your entire home might not seem realistic and may burn a hole in your pocket. In such cases, shield that part of your home where you spend most of your time, like bedroom, kitchen or living room. The meter readings are divided into high and low based on sensitivity. It is advisable that every individual should spend his/her time in an environment with an RF level less than 0.02V/m.

Protecting your bedroom:

If your bedroom is the only place affected by the radiations and that one spends a large amount of time here, installing an EMF Faraday canopy over your bed is advisable. This slightly "> may cost you a touch extra but it's 99 percent effective. An EMF Faraday canopy is an instrument with an ultra-fine metal wire mesh which keeps away the RF radiations a bit like a screen keeping away the mosquitoes. The only drawback of this instrument is that an individual is safe only within the area where the instrument is installed. Perhaps, shielding your walls and windows will allow you to move freely within the bedroom.

Shielding the windows:

Windows are the initial points to be shielded against radiations. Windows have the smallest amount protection from an EMF meter but adding a special window film will make the method easier and effective. A window film also reduces the heating bill during winters.

Protect your home with a shielding paint:

Apart from all the expensive anti-radiation instruments and the tedious procedures, protect your home with a high frequency shielding paint. Shielding paints are available as water based, non-toxic solutions which can be easily applied. They can be applied on walls, doors, ceilings and other surfaces. Shielding paints work well with cement, plaster, polystyrene and other building materials. They can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Economical EMF shielding:

There’s always an alternate to everything, like an insulating aluminium foil against the radiations on the external walls. A layer of aluminum foil can be stuck to the external walls using wallpaper paste. Other substitutes like lead are often used thanks to its dense quality. It is very important that any form of anti-radiation shielding should be grounded properly. Although shielding through these materials might be quite easier, it require additional efforts and through methodical work. You can simply shield the walls with the help of the EMF readings.