Real Money Quiz is a multiplayer live gaming platform where numerous players compete each day to win real money. If you love trivia games, Real Money Quiz will be the best addition to your list. Pick a tournament and flex your brainpower by answering simple trivia questions. Compete with a fixed number of participants to claim your prize. Win assured amount on the basis of your ranking in the game.
Download Real Money Quiz on your mobile phones for some real gaming fun and win attractive cash prizes. Register today !


Real Money Quiz is a one-of-a-kind gaming model. Whether you are a wunderkind or movie maven, a sports stat freak or eccentric about history, Real Money Quiz will target every neuron in your dexterous brain. Get ready to have some real brain-twisting exercise and hours of loads of fun!

Tournaments 24/7

Pick a tournament at any time of the day. Choose from over 100 topics.

Premier Quiz Tournament

Play multiple rounds of a tournament to create a ranking. Climb up the leaderboard to win a higher amount. Track your rank to perform even better.

Tease your brain

Answer simple multi-choice questions when the clock is ticking. Answer fast and quick to win bigger prizes. Activate your brain cells for some real fun.

Quickest Payouts

Easily withdraw money and transfer to your bank account/ wallet instantly after verification.

Refer and Earn

Spread the word, invite your family and friends, and win assured cash.

Biggest Prizes ever

The biggest prize a single person could win in a day in the history of Indian quiz games.

No Cutoff

No minimum cutoff score or points are required to qualify for the prize.


Instructions for application operation
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  •  Download Real Money Quiz.
  •  Pay a minimal entry fee to register as a participant.
  •  Add money to your wallet using multiple payment options such as net banking, PayTM, Google Pay, Debit/Credit cards, and UPI.
  •  Pick a tournament and answer simple questions. You can play a Premier Quiz, which consists of multiple rounds with fixed number of questions. You get four options. Choose the correct answer within 10 seconds.       Answer quickly to climb up the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can play 24/7 quiz tournamemts with only 1-3 questions back to back.
  •  Win real money based on your ranking.
  •  Check contest details, number of participants, winners, prize distribution, and scoring before you register for a tournament.
  •  Give answers quickly to score better.

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Real Money Quiz is my favorite gaming app. It is so much fun and you win real cash. The subjects are interesting and the game is extremely engaging. Play safe because you will surely get addicted to the game in no time.




Playing the game is easy. Download the app and sign up for a tournament. Register with your mobile number. Enter credentials to log in.